To advance to a 25hp drivers must have had their 16th Birthday. A skipper’s ticket is also required to be held by all drivers.


These rules have been superseded by the adoption of the APBA 25hp rules from the 2015/16 Season on by the WASBC and the WA Council of APBA.

Revised: December 2015



1.1 Motors must be 2 cylinder models of manufacturers rating up to 25hp and must be standard factory models that are freely available to the public in  Australia.  Motors must be for recreational use, and not special race models.

1.2 Motors must use 3 blade aluminium propeller manufactured or supplied as standard by the motor manufacturer for use on the 25 hp motor. No interchange of propellers between makes and models is permitted. Propeller may be modified by bending and removing material only, but must remain the basic original shape. No material may be added except for the purpose of repairing damage. Propeller must retain the original part number.

1.3 Motor must not be modified in any way (except as in APBA National Rule 1203.24)

1.4 Motor must use petrol that is available from service station pumps in Western Australia.  No performance boosting additives are permitted.

1.5 Reshaping of the gearbox is not allowed, except for the addition of a nose cone.

1.6 Motors must be two stroke, two cylinder singe carburettor.


2.1 Boat is mono hull type only.

2.2 Hull must be minimum 3 m long and 1.2m wide.

2.3 Boat must have a seat, foot throttle and steering wheel.

2.4 Boat must have built in, or permanently retained, buoyancy sufficient to float the boat, motor and equipment.

2.5 Boat nose must be no smaller in diameter than a tennis ball (minimum 60mm radius).

These rules were adopted 21st September 2000 by the WA Council of APBA.

Revised: 11 October 2011