Next Committee Meeting Date Change

General meeting will be Tuesday 13/05/2014 6.30pm, NOT 06/05/2014, as previously stated because the next Race meeting is on 18/05/2014 (State Championships ).

All committee member positions will become available for next season; please put forward your nominations for our next AGM.

Please could we have a volunteer for the gate on the 18/05/14, as our guy won’t be available for that date.

He will however be back all next season.

Garry Smith

Photo's from April Race Day

Some more pictures from last Sunday's race day by Roger Anderson.

They are there for their viewing and possible purchase if anyone is interested.

If anyone has any special type requests or questions, please ask them to contact Roger via the website contact page and he will help them as best he can.

Also, he would like some feedback, he wouldn’t mind getting your opinions of the photos as it will help him with getting shots people may be interested in or even how they are presented.

Other photo's were also take by Craig Zilko, check his out on facebook.

April Race Day Summary

Hello Boat Racers, well another race day has come and gone. We started the day with 3x 15hp, 1x 25hp (practice only), 1x F3, 1x F2, 1x cruiser class and 3x displacement craft. All had a fairly good day apart from 2 of the displacements who had drama's late in the day. Our next T+T is scheduled for ANZAC day , if you wish to use this day please contact class Captain's and divers so we all know what is happening. - Ken Clarke, Rear Commodore.