WASBC 26 November 2017 Proposal- Junior race day


Planned Promotional Junior Only Race Event / Family Fun Day to be held on our T&T day, Sunday 26th November 2017.

Hi WASBC Members, families and friends,

We circulated a proposal for this planned event some time back and were met with favourable support.
Thanks to the APBA WA and APBA National, we have now secured race insurance at no extra cost to cover this Junior Only promotional event.

We are sending this out again to highlight some important aspects and to get rolling with plans well in advance.

Please Note: This event will not count towards seasons points as it will be a promotional event only.

To promote The West Australian Speed Boat Club and our Sport, Power Boat Racing.
To encourage unity and strength within the membership of our Club.
To encourage junior participation and junior family participation.
To encourage juniors and their families to invite school friends and families to our club to attract new membership and junior drivers.
To display, to our new and proposed members what we offer as a club, association and sport.
To showcase our facility at Burswood and to strengthen our tenure.
To include community participation within our sport.
This should include our WASBC Christmas Party which seems to have been over looked in the past.
Open to all members and bring friends and families along.


Could be considered through the means of a raffle, BBQ, Bar- only after the event as it is a Junior Day.
Open to other suggestions please.

Camp over:

This might not be possible as another user group has booked the facility. We will see what we can do.


Statewide Boating will provide a Six Seater Runabout to offer free family rides in the general vicinity of our Burswood Gazetted Waters.
This would be done in between races, during lunch break and after the event.
We could offer families (limited of course) on water viewing of the junior racing.
(Anyone else with a boat is welcome to join in but please note, this will be done at low to medium speed and with the maximum safety precautions. In the interest of safety, no high speed action will be permitted)
The Club could consider gold coin donations in return as part of fund raising.
Other entertainment could include a jumping castle, face painting, egg and spoon races etc. for the children. (parents assistance required please)
We propose that the other Drivers, Tunnel and Displacements, provide their boats for display and possibly for Mums, Dads and Children to sit in, as this can be very encouraging for our sport.
As it is a T&T day, 25hp, tunnels and displacements will permitted to test and tune after the Junior events.

Event Advertising:

This event needs to be promoted via social media, word of mouth and through the junior schools.
A small advert in the Papers might help and we can ask ABC radio to give us a push.

Junior Race Boat Test Rides.

Once the junior races are complete, we will offer test rides in the junior boats for new interested parties.
This can be supervised using 25hp boats with our senior drivers escorting inexperienced juniors on the water.
We can also arrange test drives in the 25hp boats for adults wishing to try their hand.

Please can we have the support from all as we move forward on planning.

All other ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Mark Motzouris
Western Australian Speed Boat Club

Memos to Members

Just a few reminders to members.

With only three weeks to go the start of our racing season, Lake Towerrinning, we need to get the show on the road.

Memberships: We have had very few membership renewals.
Please get your membership form completed and returned to our secretary, Hilary Motzouris as soon as possible along with membership fees.
Our club is looking for new members. Please encourage new membership.
Drivers please note, you cannot apply for your race licence until you have paid your membership.

Race Licences: Drivers need to get their Race Licence Application and Fees to our Licence Officer, Peter Price well before the first race.
Licences must be completed before the first race.
No licence applications will be accepted on race weekend 14th and 15th October 2017.

Planning: Can all entrants wishing to compete at Lake Towerrinning please confirm with our secretary as soon as possible.

Camping, Lake Towerrinning: Those who have not yet booked camp sites at Lake Towerrinning, please do so as soon as possible.

Please take your own DRINKING WATER to TOWERRINNING.

Cell Test: Cell boat drivers please note our Cell Test is on Sunday 8th October 2017, Melville Aquatic centre, 10-30am to 12-30pm.

Tech Inspections: Drivers please ensure that your boats have been tech inspected. If not, please contact your Scrutineers to arrange.

Next Meeting: Our next general meeting is on Tuesday 3rd October 2017, Members Lounge 7-00pm. Please be there to help us arrange Lake Towerrinning.

Mark Motzouris
Western Australian Speed Boat Club

Cell Test Date Change

We have changed the cell test from Sunday 17th September to Sunday 8th October from 10.30am to 12.30pm at the Melville Aquatic Centre.