WA COVID Restriction for Sunday

We just wanted to inform you about the current WA COVID rules and how it will affect the club on Sunday's Race Day.

We are a boat racing club first and foremost and do not want to push any agendas on to anyone. Please be aware, if you do not follow the rules, you might be asked to leave and if you become abusive to an official, they have the power to yellow and/or red card you. 
We will set up the desk for the paperwork at the door or just outside. We will hold the drivers briefing outside near the BBQ. 
1) Mandatory check in via the QR code upon entering into the club rooms
2) Masks worn when entering any buildings on the premises, in example pre-race briefing, or use of any facilities inside
3) Our club is a licenced venue and we require anyone attending the club rooms to be double vaccinated.
We do not have the volunteers to manage these requirements, so please be understanding and the club could potentially get fined for not meeting these. If you order drinks from the bar, the volunteers will be asking you for proof of vaccination.

If you have friends coming please inform them of the above rules which must be adhered to.

Thanks so much for all your patience and understanding.