Race Results

May 15 | WA State Championships

15hp Juniors (Formula Future) Points
1st Luke Barnes 11
2nd Xavier Clark 8
3rd Ben Hull 6
4th Amanda Turner 5
15HP Seniors Points
1st Stig Knudsen 19
2nd Mitchell Clark 18
3rd Russell Jellis 12
2000CC Super Stock - F2 Points
1st Tomika McCormick 11
2nd Phoebe Knudsen 8
25HP Super Sports Points
1st Stig Knudsen 19
2nd Phoebe Knudsen 14
3rd Daniel Knudsen 11
3rd Lennart Knudsen 11
5.7lt Displacement (LS1) Points
1st Adam Harvey 11
2nd Rob Macbeth 8
550cc Super Sports Points
1st Amanda Owen-Tucker 22
2nd Tim Godfrey 16
3rd Mitchell Clark 12
6.0ltr Displacement Points
1st Larry Cowlin 11
Open Displacement Points


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