Race Results

May 21 | WA State Championships 2017

15hp Juniors (Formula Future) Points
1st Phoebe Knudsen 19
2nd Tia Smith 13
3rd Taylor Jellis 12
4th Xavier Clark 9
15HP Seniors Points
1st Mitchell Clark 17
2nd Stig Knudsen 16
3rd Daniel Knudsen 14
4th Lennart Knudsen 11
1250CC Super Stock - F3 Points
1st Tomika McCormick 11
2nd Jono Motzouris 1
2000CC Super Stock - F2 Points
1st Mark Motzouris 11
2nd Michael Britten 8
25HP Super Sports Points
5.7lt Displacement (LS1) Points
6.0ltr Displacement Points
6.0lt Displacement (Restricted) Points


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